A Virtual StarLion Journey

Who would have thought that we would ever have to contemplate such a thing!
These times call for creative thinking and radical change.
In July 2020, twenty pioneering animal communicators came together to see if a visit to the StarLions in a virtual environment could work.
It exceeded all our expectations

How the Journey unfolded

  • ,A month before the start of the journey, interested participants met virtually to discuss the practicalities and preparations needed to ensure the full immersion into the experience. This included meals, domestic and technical preparations: “How to pack your virtual bag”.
  • The journey started with an introduction and intention setting gathering on a Thursday afternoon, where participants got to meet each-other, see the camp set-up and set their intention with Wynter and Linda. Guidance from the Lions was provided, through the LionHearted Leadership cards.
  • The aim of the journey was to have a HEART Storm with Mother Nature,  to see what she needs from us at this crucial time of the planet.
  • In real- time, at 6am ‘lion-time’, we gathered to connect with the land at Tsau. We then spent about 40 mins each morning viewing video footage of a “bush-visit”.  We were being introduced to the land, the prides and all nature’s children who were willingly connecting in with us.
  • The footage was taken in as real time as possible, with only a lag of a few days.
  • After communicating with all the beings they came across, the participants worked further throughout the day individually, and in groups, on the online community platform and then gathered in the afternoon to share insights and messages.
  • After 3 days, we started putting our energy of unconditional love into action, where tangible plans were made on what we could do as an individual and as a Pride, to fulfill Nature’s requests.
  • We ended with another afternoon gathering to commit to honouring the messages received during this time, to support Nature in all her forms.

The founding HEART Pride was formed.

This was phenomenally successful, and the HEART Pride are continuing to serve Mother Nature on both a physical and spiritual level.

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