Nature Communication with HEART

Heart Energy Achieving Real Transformation

 With Wynter Worsthorne and Linda Tucker

25th March – 28th march 2022

Please WATCH the replay of our presentation to see what to expect. 

The power of our intent with unconditional love, can create real transformation to assist the Earth and Nature. The collective power of a focused group can create more change, and faster. It is time to bring another group together to hear, answer and act on Nature’s call for regeneration..

You are invited on a journey to listen to Nature and the animals for guidance on positive action for yourself, the environment, and the planet.

Each day you will visit the HEARTlands, home to the sacred White Lions of Greater Timbavati.
Immerse yourself into the lands each morning as you are taken on a virtual journey to the White Lion prides, who roam freely in the protected space of the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

Wynter guides you into the heart space, where your connection to Nature starts. You will have time to connect, listen and communicate with the land and the animals you come across in this virtual space.

The first day is one of introduction and processing.  You will need time in between sessions to be in a quiet space in order to journal your experiences, or to just examine the insight and awareness that has come to you during your time connecting with the heartlands. You will be invited to share in the private community forum during this time.

The second day we will be going deeper into the heart connection and you will learn how you, as an individual, are able to pick up messages from Nature and the animals; how to trust those messages; and how to work with them in your daily life.  Linda Tucker leads you through the Mysteries of the White Lions and the Nile Meridian.

On our final day together, we as a pride, commit to a course of action according to the messages received from mother nature and the principles of the HEART Method.


DONATION requested: $400/£300/R6000
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Over these days we will be:
1. Learning how to connect with wild nature to find out what is needed from us at this time.

2. Receiving information on a way forward, personally and globally, during this time of transformation.

3. Co-creating the vision of the future according to Nature’s guidelines.

4. Forging the way for this, and future groups, to achieve change.

5. Deciding upon the most important issues to work upon and what physical actions and timescales these involve.