Are you ready for a HEART storm with Mother Nature?

 With Wynter Worsthorne and Linda Tucker

Thursday 19 November – Tuesday 24 November 2020

Please watch the Zoom video Replay to see what to expect. 

This Virtual StarLion Journey is designed around the concept of Heart Energy Achieving Real Transformation. You will be required to have participated in an Introduction course in Animal Communication with a recognised teacher who follows the AnimalTalk Africa ethic. You will also be required to view the previous HEART Gatherings with Wynter.

The power of our intent can create real transformation to assist the Earth and Nature. The collective power of a focused group can create more change, and faster. It is time to bring such a group together to hear, answer and act on Nature’s call for regeneration..

To this end, you are invited to join a small group of like-hearted individuals gathering in real time, with the sacred StarLions,  in order to work with our hearts’ energy to achieve the transformation that Nature requires at this time.

You will literally be engaging in discussion with Mother Nature herself, agreeing on the tools and enhancing the skills to expand the effect around the world.
You are called to be part of this gathering because you have the consciousness, experience and energy necessary for this work. You know that we achieve miracles every day; with our intentions, meditation and prayers.

Please watch this Zoom webinar for full information about this Virtual Journey.