Global White Lion Protection Trust

The Global White Lion Protection Trust was founded by Linda Tucker in 2002 in order to protect the white lions and develop the cultural values which hold them sacred, through conservation and community.

“With a critical need to supplement the White Lion gene in the wild, the WLT launched its world-first White Lion Reintroduction Program. Today (2009) the Reintroduction Program can be considered successful as the founding pride hunts self-sufficiently and is reproducing without human intervention. The Reintroduction Program is not a breeding project and the lions are not held in captivity. Six years after its establishment, the WLT is gratified to receive occasional reports of the births of White Lion cubs in the Timbavati region (in addition to the WLT’s own three cubs).

This is highly significant as it confirms the conservation value of this rare phenotype in this specific region.”

The Trust remains concerned about the survival of the White Lion gene in the Timbavati private game reserve as trophy hunting is continuing with the results that any cubs born in the region run the risk of their father being hunted for money- thereby ensuring the cubs death, as happened  with the white cubs born in 2006.

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