Testimonials submitted by attendees to our StarLion Journeys

“I have returned to daily life again with the image of Mandla in front of me, like a misty gauze screen over everything that I see. His presence is wonderful.
I had the most magical, awe-inspiring and humbling experience with you all.
I am still settling – but life doesn’t feel like it’s ever going to be the same again after staring into the eyes of Matsieng…the world’s wisdom and love lies in those exquisite eyes.”
Denise, Cape Town
“Just wanted to say thank you and much gratitude to Wynter, Linda & Jason and most of all, the White Lions. It was over a year ago that I visited Tsau but it was such a magical experience that I still hold it dear in my memory. Thank you for connecting me with nature, with the Lions, and with South Africa!”
Bridgette Finklaire – UK
Meeting Wynter here has been pivotal in my African journey. Not only has she become a good friend, helping me to adjust to and integrate my South African experience; she was the bridge of synchronicity bringing me into the heart of the White Lions at their ancestral home, Timbavati, and through her teachings, helped me take a GIANT step in trusting my animal communication skills, and myself!
Leslie Ney O'Neill - USA
“I have had the privilege to attend a number of Wynter’s animal communication workshops for the last eight years. This “workshop” has surpassed anything I ever remotely anticipated or envisaged. The white lions, each in their own way, are teachers supreme with such love and strength that you need to be prepared for a life changing experience – if you are ready for it, that is! Wynter and all the people at camp Unicorn – Linda, Jason, Stella and the other staff are supportive, enlightening and inspirational. What a beautiful journey it has been!”
Sabine, Durban
“Thank you for an awe-inspiring, life-affirming, Lion~Heart healing experience “
Eleftheria Kakambouras- Cape Town
My first trip with Wynter to the White Lions was in 2006, it was my first trip to South Africa. It was a weekend of magical experiences opening up the deepest connection to the Earth and Nature I had experienced up to that point which continued to deepen long after I left. It stirred my soul and heart in ways I couldn’t have anticipated and after leaving and thinking back it felt that we had been in a bubble of Love and Beauty in a different dimension. Wynter takes you through several communications with the Lions and other animals with great guidance and understanding and has such amazing wisdom about the animals. I can’t recommend these journeys enough.
Janine Morris Opheim - Norway

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