StarLion Mission Statement

      • To bring awareness of the plight of the White lions and all lions in South Africa
      • To support the Global White Lion Protection Trust and the lions, financially, spiritually and emotionally
      • To share the ancient wisdom of the African Elders, helping people to reconnect to their roots in Africa
      • To help people to reawaken their inner knowledge showing them that interspecies communication is the birthright of every one of us
      • To uphold the ethics and values of nature’s laws
      • To ethically and sustainably take people on a spiritual journey in order for them to experience nature with the White Lions and their message to mankind
      • To show people how they can make a difference to the planet in an holistic and conscious way
      • To empower people into their own lion-heartedness to enable them to walk light back into the world without fear according to principals of The White Lion Leadership 


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