Wynter Worsthorne

Wynter Worsthorne has been working as a professional animal communicator since 2002. Having always had a great love and connection with animals and wildlife, she discovered her ability through various spiritual mentors (including the animals themselves). Her passion for lions and interest in African Shamanism lead her to get in touch with Linda Tucker in 2002.

Wynter’s animal communication skills were put to good use from the very start of the White Lion re-introduction project. She has worked closely with Linda Tucker and lion ecologist, Jason Turner from the beginning, before the White Lions started padding their footprints of light back into the land of Timbavati.

Wynter was amongst the first to be invited to bring groups to visit the project and the lions. Her knowledge of the land, the animals and project is extensive and along with her very spiritual practice of interspecies communication comes a practical, earthy energy which is so important in the bush environment.

Lee Saudan

For the last 15 years Lee Saudan has been running a marketing agency in the UK. Her experience in all aspects of marketing and event organising, along with her people skills and passion for Africa and the White Lions has lead her and her husband Richard, to relocate to South Africa to work alongside the White Lion Team to bring their valuable skills to the project. She is the organiser and hostess for the 10 day Star Lion Journey.

Linda Tucker

Linda Tucker specialised in Jungian dream psychology and medieval symbolism at UCT and Cambridge. She began her research into the White Lion Mysteries after being rescued from lions in the Timbavati in 1991, by Maria Khosa, a Shangaan Sangoma (African Shaman). Maria became her teacher and through her and other lion shamans, Linda was named “Keeper of the White Lions”, an ancient shamanic title.

In 2002 Linda founded the Global White Lion Protection Trust, to ensure the protection of not only the white lions, but also of the indigenous African culture which holds them sacred. Since then Linda, together with lion ecologist Jason Turner have reintroduced 2 prides of White Lions into protected freedom in their endemic homeland of greater Timbavati, where they had been technically extinct for over 20 years.

Jason Turner

Specialist lion ecologist, Jason A.Turner (MSc Wildlife Management) is Head of Operations for the Global White Lion Protection Trust, and has spent over 2 decades in wildlife conservation research and management. In 2005 completed 6 year a predator-prey study, focused on determining the impact of lion predation on the large herbivore populations of the Associated Private Nature Reserves, South Africa, entitled: “THE IMPACT OF LION PREDATION ON THEIR PREY IN THE TIMBAVATI & ASSOCIATED PRIVATE NATURE RESERVES, SOUTH AFRICA”

In 2004 he initiated the ground-breaking project to rewild and study an integrated pride of white lions (tawny and white lions) within their natural habitat, within the Greater Timbavati Region (South Africa).From 2008, led the collaborative effort involving 7 countries to identify the Genetic Marker.

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