Recently on the 10th of September 2015, we saw the announcement of one of the world’s most incredible discoveries. A new species of human, ancestor to Homo Sapien (modern human), has been identified from an excavation of the Star Chamber in a group of caves known as the Di Naledi Caves (Rising Star Caves) at Maropeng in the Cradle of Humankind, South Africa. 15 intact skeletons thought to be about 3.6 million years old, were found in what has to have been a burial cave.

This discovery has scientists relooking at current beliefs that homo-sapiens are the only species to honour and acknowledge their dead.

homo naledi skull

“Until this discovery we thought that ritualised behaviours directed towards the dead, things like burial, was totally unique to home sapiens. It perhaps in fact identified us. It may have been our singularly unique thing. “We saw ourselves as different. We have now seen a species with the same capacity and that is an extraordinary thing.” Lee Berger, research professor at the University of Witwatersand. This of course signifies that the evolution of conscious thought, started much earlier than scientists believed.

Star Connection

For me the connection to the stars is the thing that I want to explore. There is no such thing as co-incidence and this new ancestor of ours was discovered in a star chamber and has actually been named Homo Naledi. “Naledi” is the Sesotho word for Star. So now we have a Star Human as an Ancestor.

When Lee Saudan and I started putting together our Star Lion Journeys, we felt it was important to take people back to the beginning, back to our roots. I feel that in order to find the answers, we need to look at the very start of the questions. Going back to a time before logical thought and ego controlled our very being and started causing the destruction of our natural world. African oral history has many stories about Star Knowledge and Star People.


According to Credo Mutwa, “In every language in Africa, the meaning of ‘Star’ is bringer of knowledge or bringer of enlightenment.”

The greater Timbavati area, the endemic homeland of the White Lions, held sacred by the Shangaan people, is mythical in reputation.

“A long story is told about a chieftainess called Numbi” Elder Credo recounts. “Many generations ago, she and her people saw a burning white light like a star fall out of the sky right where Timbavati is today.

The story is that it was not a star; it was a shining ball of metal, brighter than the Sun. When this ball came down to the ground, Queen Numbi, who was a sick old woman at that time, went towards the light and was swallowed by the light. In that light, very faintly seen, were strange beings with very large heads. These beings received Numbi into the light, and for some hours she was inside. When she emerged and walked toward her people; she had become much younger than when she had gone into the light”.

“After that star fell, stayed on the ground for some days, and then rose back into the sky, strange things started happening there… Lions, leopards and even impalas with snow white fur and green eyes were born, until to this very day. This story is one of the most amazing in Africa….”

It is not only Indigenous people of Africa who have this star knowledge, but also Native Americans:

“Humanity was seeded from the stars, and we have a profound genetic kinship with humanity’s stellar brethren,” Rod Skenedore, a native elder, speaking at a Star Knowledge gathering created by Standing Elk, Dakota Elder and Sun Dance chief, who says: “My heart told me to speak of the secret knowledge of Native Americans concerning the Star Nations, since the time of our prophecies is at hand.”


It is no co-incidence that our Star Lion Journey starts at the very place where this new Star ancestor of ours has been discovered. Maropeng, at the Cradle of Humankind is the place where these first people walked on earth.

During the journey, we will be tuning in to the land and the ancestors, so that perhaps we can achieve a better understanding of the evolution of human consciousness and what we need in order to raise our own consciousness. A greater consciousness and connectedness is what so many people are striving for, and what will ultimately help our own species and the planet come through this time of destruction.

Please join us on our Next Star Lion Journey to the Beginning on the 18th – 28th November. You will meet Professor Ronald Clarke, the palaeontologist responsible for the discover of ‘Little Foot’ at the Cradle of Humankind. Click here to read more on Ronald Clarke’s discovery.

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