StarLion Journeys are run by internationally recognized, animal communicator Wynter Worsthorne in support of the Global White Lion Protection Trust. The White Lion Trust (WLT) is not open to the general public, and only specialized groups are invited to visit the re-introduction project and to meet the only white lions roaming free in a protected area of their endemic homeland. Since 2005 Wynter has had the privilege of being invited to bring her animal communication groups to stay and learn at “Tsau Conservancy”. The conservancy is situated near Hoedspruit in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

The StarLion Journeys take place only two times a year. Various Journeys are now offered, from a 4 day Animal Communication Intensive to a 7 day transformational HEART Journey where you communicate with the lions and all of nature to find out how to create positive change in these times. This Journey will also take you to various sacred sites in the region. StarLion Journeys aim is to help protect and care for the lions and the land which the WLT holds in guardianship, through financial and spiritual support. This protection and care includes supporting the local communities.

How it all started

I’ll never forget my first meeting with Linda Tucker, it was not what one might expect, surrounded by lions in the African bushveld, rather we were surrounded by the bustling crowds in London Victoria Station. She had only an hour to spare, and little did I know then that this hour with Linda and the renowned conservationist Dr Ian Player, would set the focus of my life for the next 10 years, and beyond.

I had received Linda’s book “Mystery of the White Lions” as a leaving present from a dear friend when I had decided to leave South Africa and pursue my career in Animal Communication in the UK. I first spent 7 months in rural France with my 4 cats in order to keep them from having to be in quarantine in England. While there I finished reading Linda’s book and felt so homesick for Africa and LIONS that I decided to go and find some African lions. I was in luck. I found a zoo only an hour’s drive away. I hopped into my little Renault 5 and hurtled off to reconnect with Africa.

The communications I experienced during my time with these particular lions were intense. I felt I needed to share them with Linda. At the time the concept of interspecies communication was a very new and rather strange idea for South Africans, but from her writings, I knew that Linda would “get it”.
“Get it” she did, and to my great surprise and delight I heard back from her with a suggestion that we meet.

That was the start of my journey to the “Star Lions”.  
At that stage Marah, the lioness who was prophesised to lead the White Lions back into freedom was in a South African zoo, kept underneath in the “dungeons” with her three cubs. I learnt of Linda’s battle with the relevant authorities and the intense negotiations for Marah’s release to the WLT. The cubs were not part of the original deal but communications with Marah, told me that they were the three “wise ones” and were incredibly important to the success of the project. Linda had received the same message from the African Elders, her spiritual advisors. Against all odds Marah and her three children were let out of their dungeon, relocated to a reserve in the Karoo and finally, a few months later settled in their rightful place at “Tsau!” Conservancy in the greater Timabavati.
Mara & cubs in boma

Re-introducing 4 lions and keeping them safe from hunters and poachers is no simple task and requires much financial assistance.

One way I felt I could help was by bringing groups and running my animal communication workshops at the project.
This would serve a number of purposes, getting the message out about the White Lions and what has happened to them since they were discovered by western man, getting people to reconnect with nature and their African ancestry, learning about animal communication and of course helping to contribute financially towards the project.

The first group arrived with the cement still setting in the bathroom basins. The WLT team had managed to get Shidolo camp fit for my first visit. Marah, Letaba, Regeus and Zihra had yet to take their first steps outside of their acclimation boma, as the red tape surrounding their release was astounding.

That first intrepid group of travelers taught us a lot about how to manage our workshops and since then groups have flowed regularly through the ancient lands, paying homage to the sacred animals.

Today the pridelands have expanded and Marah’s grandchildren and great grandchildren are walking the White Lion’s peace plan back into the Earth.

Lions are still not protected from hunting in South Africa, so the project continually needs to provide security for the prides. This means bringing in more private land to make sure the prides have  enough safe space to roam wild and free.

During sensitive procedures that impacted on the lions and other animals on the reserve, Linda would ask me to communicate with them to prepare them for each stage.

This proved so effective that I soon had Jason, lion ecologist asking me to communicate with the prides whenever he needed me too.

It is a real tribute to this work to have a true scientist trust and work with both his traditional science and the sacred science of nature and interspecies communication.


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