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10 Scientific Facts about White Lions and the indigenous beliefs surrounding their origins and purpose on EarthRead More
The Global White Lion Protection Trust was founded by Linda Tucker to protect the white lions and develop the cultural values which hold them sacred.Read More
Wynter Worsthorne is a professional animal communicator and has been bringing groups to visit the WLT since 2005Read More
starlions of tsimbavati

This rare and most beautiful feline is held as the most sacred animal, come down from the stars, their appearance prophetic of changing times on earth
– A gift from God

Star Lion Journeys are run by internationally recognized, animal communicator Wynter Worsthorne in support of the Global White Lion Protection Trust. The White Lion Trust (WLT) is not open to the general public, and only specialized groups are invited to visit the re-introduction project and to meet the only white lions roaming free in a protected area of their endemic homeland. Since 2005 Wynter has been privileged to be invited to bring her animal communication groups to stay and learn at “Tsau! Conservancy”. 

The Star Lion Journeys take place only two or three times a year, and is limited to 12 participants. A 10 day Spiritual Journey with your specialist host Lee Saudan is now being offered, where your journey starts at the beginning of mankind (the cradle of humankind) and follows the underground river of gold from the Timabavati region to the wild horses of Kaapse Hoop, guardians of the oldest known man-made stone calendar, Adam’s Calendar.

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A totally unique life-changing experience

Report back from last Starlion Journey

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Homo Naledi and the Star Lions

Recently on the 10th of September 2015, we saw the announcement of one of the world’s most incredible discoveries. A new species of human, ancestor to Homo Sapien (modern human), has been identified from an […]

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Journey With The Star Lions

Come and join us for a magical day of communication with the
sacred star lions of Timbavati, South Africa.

Come and join us for a magical day of communication and celebration with these very special Star Lions […]

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